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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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is now back home in chicago where he will watch the election come in and in an unusual turn, major swing states are here before returning to boston. we will have live reports from both the election day headquarters starting? chicago coming up in about 13 minutes. people are trying it last ditch effort to cast their votes and tara moriarty is live in belmont with more on that story, tara? that's right, we are here in san mateo county and in about an hour, volunteers will making phone calls back east you can see the big array of democratic people they want to vote for as they are driving by. they want people to get out and vote for president barack
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obama. last night they were targeting republicans and undecided voters in battleground states. hope and change now moves to finish and finish what the president started. >> we have to know what the facts are and to be able to share that with election people. >> it volunteers them simply to get out and vote. >> it reinforces that somebody is out there trying to get something done and agree with the same things they agree with. >> reporter: now the feeling, mitt romney could pull out a win here and we will tell you what both parties will not take for granted. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. and some polls on the east coast are pulling aunt we are looking at vice-president joseph biden, as they cast their ballots and later this morning they will fly to chicago to watch the returns come in. in yearly budget overnight, they veried in the first presidential election but for the first time it was a tie, 5 for president barack obama and 5 for its romney. according to the registrar, motorcyclist of them vote by male about 44%. he said the 454 ballots mailed out, more than 250,000 have been returned. because the ballot is so
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complicated they are waiting to the last minutes. >> voters lined up yesterday in florida where there was controversy over the weekend where they waited hours to vote. they have already cast votes, 1.7 million votes have already been casted there. so far they made one last push at a rally in san francisco last night. senator dianne finestein and others force people to vote yes on 30. they are against raising income tacks more than 250 thoughts dollars a year. >> we know that california
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dreams moving out. >> the last thing we need is a tax increase and that's simply going to drive more businesses out of the state. meanwhile the two conservative problems were the source of $11 million of laundering. another prop decision on the ballot is one that will reveal the death penalty. it would convert their sentences to life and others could follow suit. a quarter of test row inmates are in california. a live proposal shows more on the polls closing and also it is getting national attention.
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the major propositions are in full swing. and care givers were arrested on suspicion of involuntary care. the state licensing division is investigating the death of a child. they arrested the grandmother of a 1.5-year-old girl shot on suspicious -- suspicion. it was hours after she brought her granddaughter into the hospital with a gunshot wound to her body. family members say she was a victim of a driveby shooting. they said they have heard no evidence of what happened.
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she remains in table and critical conditions. nearly 100 workers walked out of the stores. they want to stay competitive with nonunion rivals but they say they have build the stores to their current popularity and some have to fake sides -- take sides. there are no new negotiations settled. it is the first strike in the history of the grocery chain. starting with a brush fire out in livermore sal? >> yes. that's right it started in north livermore avenue so far
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it has not grown into a big fire so take care when you are driving on that section of 580. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. and today since it is election day some people may be getting up to highway 17 is a nice looking drive as you drive down to san jose. good clear, if you enjoyed monday you will see a different breeze, hill all inland temperatures will be really close. really close. you can see the demolish ever high pressure over us, most location say southwest at 5 to
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see if that changes 49 will be closest to the coast on the lows and it starts to carry. a lighter breeze chilly roads inland upper 70s and then clouds roll in and we have a big dramatic pattern and it is not a sold out kind of system and it will be cold and rainy on friday and sunny and the mornings will be chilly, chilly. pam? it continues in the northeast and we will have more on how officials are trying to make vote being easier. we will tell you where the troubled the spots are in this
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early commute.
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. measure m on a sugary tax on drinks. now if taxes are approved they would be the first of their kinds in the country. 4:42, two other hot button issues, washington oregon and colorado could become the first states to possess small amounts of marijuana and they will choose whether or not to reject same sex marriage.
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it has been rejected by popular votes on the issue. the presidential race is still too close to call. reporter renee marsh is here in election day headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, it will likely be an early morning for many of us and the president will take to the stage at some point to address his supporters and when he does take to the stage it will be either to concede the race to mitt romney or it will either be a victory speech. actually, we have some fresh video for you. just moments ago, the president is casting his ballots this -- ballot this morning. >> reporter: arousing and an emotional speech left the president with a tier in his eye back to where he started
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promoting change in the 2008 caucuses. >> we cannot be stopped, after all we fought through together we cannot give up on change now. >> his dizzying tour marks the end of the era for the president, from wisconsin and iowa, he focused not only on the undecided. .. >> it is out of my hands and in yours. the single most powerful force in our democracy is you, moving this country forward begins with you. >> reporter: as per tradition he will play a basketball game with his staff before going to chicago where he hopes for a
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repeat of that 2008 on november 9th. >> we will not see a that traditional so the and that's because he participated in early voting. he will do some satellite interviews and to thank some of those volunteers after a long campaign. well, republican presidential candidate is not done campaigning. he will vote near his boston area home. he will go to valley voters and coming up, we will go live to boston where mitt romney will await returns. throughout the morning and special coverage this afternoon as well, polls are closing on the east coast. we will have up to the minute
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results. there is a standard bay election coverage and don't forget coverage is on our website any time of day and that includes a state by state break down of what is at stake. >> it is shaping up to be a very busy day. >> yes. >> let's check in with sal. we will have a look at the east shore freeway and it look elooks very nice and all the way to berkeley a lot of people use the bay bridge and it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is looking good in the east bay except for one stop and that would be a brush fire at livermore avenue. it looks like it is coming through and it is not causing a
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huge traffic jam let's go to steve. sonoma airport says a little but of fog, sunshine nice to warm, yesterday the coast warmed up, we had that offshore wind. ford by lake merced and they don't get that warm inland and 82 should cover most of the spread and we will keep an eye on things. 40s and 50s to 61 in san francisco. look at fairfield and antioch, 61 in the city and everything has flip-flopsed. i think he was with offshore
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breeze. offshore pam, she was here yesterday and by tomorrow, the west wind kicks in and temperatures start to cool down. chillingly lows, not so much on the coast though. lows are 70s to near 80 today. -- near 80s today. this will be more of a cold system than a rainy system and the weekend looks nice but it will be brisk in the morning. officials in several states are trying trying to make shoe sure let they can vote. in new jersey those displaced by the storm will bible to post
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an many still don't have power. a and many are worried about gas and there are people offering gas on craigslist for as much as $30 per gallon. price gouging is illegal and pricers face problems for gouging. the private entrance room was damaged bywater and the reflected fountains surrounded by victims' names are okay. a non-profit organization has provided money to the officer went wood he can
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change. they collected money from businesses including chevron and our neck with police officers who have died in the line of duty. they have failed to report the suspected abuse of a student. she was innocenced -- sentenced to 100 hours of community service. a teacher was charged with sexually abusing a student including after she learned about the allegations. >> we need to be able to send a message to the rest are of the mandatory reporters that their obligation is to report, not to investigate. >> the teacher is set to go on trial next month. >> a board of supervisors will ban on whether to ban public
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nudity. it is currently band as long as there is no luke contact. it raises health questions and is bad of businesses. it was supposed to end last fall. now the united anglers club raised the eggs from petaluma was about to release the young fish but remember vandals broke in and sent the salmon on their way. this year they are back invited for tomorrow's show. and they are saying he deserved to be honored. there is a fire and we will
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have more on when firefighters expect to have that fire fully contained.
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. footage from the sonoma county shows waves crashing over the boat. it overturned sunday with two people on board. two people game trapped and one
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of the toughest moments was rescuing a father who didn't want to leave his children. they had to cut a hole in the boats hull. and battling a 350-acre fire, it started at the pass on interstate 15 in san bernardino county. road closures started at about noon and lasted for most of the noon yesterday. you can see the smoke which is 10% contained and they expect to have it fully contained by tonight. he is being honored for keeping his passenger safe while his bus was set on fire. he thenee rack waited his bus after somebody started smashing its windows and police are
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looking for the two men who started the fire. now the man who marked that bus and admitting he played a role in the vandalism, his attorney says he is ashamed and hopes to make amends. he will return to court next month. time to go back over to sal and check in on the early commute. >> we are looking good except for some road work, southbound 101 and marin county, we are coming to the bridge, watch for slow traffic down to the tunnel on the golden gate bridge, right now if you are an early driver but it will affect you. let's go to southbound 101, this traffic looks good approaching the 880 split. westbound 280 looks good over to foster city and san mateo.
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>> maybe san jose, that record is 1861 and i am going 81-82. i think it is close. >> combining that with a little offshore breeze, they are west at 5:00 and that would be a cooler direction for them. i think the record is 83 but it will not happen. 40s 50s and 60s. sunshine good to go today. and it is just a tiny bit of patchy fog. but guess what, get ready, we will start start to see it. a lighter breeze, more of calmer conditions.
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could get a lighter breeze. tomorrow we start to cool down fog will come roaring back. look at highs by friday into saturday it will be sunny, brisk clear on the weekend but very chilly in the morning. >> enjoy is now, i guess. >> millions made it but the new reason, the reason the city is celebrating. in just two hours, the surprising move by one of the presidential candidates, we will be right back.
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. good morning, it has finally arrived. >> reporter: they are dukeingit out and we will tell you how they are reaching undecided voters. and prop 30, what they are doing to get that prop measure past to fun education. and it continued and it is close but there is a big


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